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quote in massachusetts do you want some chech thans to chechnyas to come into the country? we weren't asked but we have to pick up the tab and then they turn around and do. this it's extremely frustrating. they have not only ruined marathon day, this group has ruined the entire week. they have destroyed people's lives.
, one of them is dead, one on the run, are believed to be brothers from chechnya. there has been a lot of speculation, a lot of names being bandied around by american media, but we are happy to say that there is a belief that these two suspects are the brothers from chechnya. , that seems to be coming from a number of sources in the u.s. media and the associated press. "the boston globe" as well saying the suspects are runners from chechnya, and that the one who is still on the run, the one with the white cap, identified by the fbi as suspect number two, is 19 --year-old -- is 19- --r-old those car tsarnaev dzohkar tsarnaev. i am sure i got that wrong, but that is who they think it is. it is true, and we will wait for official confirmation from those investigators in the hunt at the moment, that takes the whole thing into a very interesting twist. as we watched this happen since monday and watch the speculation, the rumors and the whodunits talk about whether it was foreign, domestic, whether they had links to al qaeda or it was a terrorist attack, all the questions that come in the wa
they're from chechnya and they moved here awhile ago. legally. that is being reported right now by the associated press. we will be reporting on that as we can all morning. we have learned that the second suspect, second suspect is dead. suspect number two on the run right now, people are told to be staying in their homes right now in the town of watertown, the surrounding towns, as well, and being told to avoid public transportation. it's completely shut down. subways, buses not running and amtrak not coming in and out of the city. we wanted to update you on the major developments unfolding here in the boston area. boston colleges and public schools closed. public transportation shut down. the manhunt intensifies right now for suspect number two, who is on the loose right now. people who work near the arsenal mall in watertown are being told to stay indoors. people who live in the general area, a number of towns in the general area are being told not to venture outside. stay in your houses, businesses staying closed there. at this moment police in the suburb of watertown are se
? >> raises a llt of questions that we don't begin to have the answers to. chechnya is in a brutal struggle over the last 25 years and chechen have committed acts of terrorism with hostage taking over 1,000 hostages and of the 300 killed. that seizure of the theater in moscow and they have blown up subway stops and apartment buildings and this conflict is motivated by two factors, the desire for chechen independence but the increasing radicalization of the islamic population in chechnya. the attack on the boston marathon has nothing to do with separation from russia but it could reflect the connection that many chechen have made with the international terrorist network and we're at a critical point* right now if they take the no one survivor to put them in the criminal justice system or treat him as the enemy combat and that is the route i would go. greta: there has been discussion about making the inquiry for the older brother. might guess it is russia. is that your guests to find out if he was radical? >> that is the most likely but remember chechen have been fouud all over the middle eas
extremism in chechnya. during a white house photo op 's kingorgian -- jordan abdullah, president obama discussed the civil war and other issues pretty searing government has used chemical weapons in the two-year civil war prepress and obama called the findings game changer. he said the investigation continues. this is about 10 minutes. [no audio] i want to welcome to the oval office once again king abdullah. his majesty is a great friend of the united states. jordan is a great partner to the united states on a host of issues. although we have recently seen each other, want to thank his majesty for the extraordinary hospitality he showed during our visit. there remain a host of issues in the region we will have a opportunity to discuss. first of all, i want to congratulate his majesty on syria -- the serious issue inside of jordan. we have been supportive with respect to long guarantees and other efforts in part because we have also seen the abdulla take some very important steps to further open democracy and entrepreneurship inside of jordan. we want to encourage that because we think
the status of islamic terrorist groups in chechnya and whether they are a threat to u.s. security. the two boston marathon bombing suspects visited their prior to the attack on boston. this is about 90 minutes. >> i called to order this joint hearing of the foreign affairs subcommittee on europe, eurasia, and nonferrous proliferation and trade. today's topic is islamists extremism in chechnya, a threat to the u.s. homeland. after the chairman and i do to cope -- each of us have five minutes to make opening statements. each member will then have one minute to make aoping statement between the majority and minority members. without objection all members may have five days to submit statements, questions, and extraneous journals for the record. the origins of the terrorist attack in boston have drawn attention to a region that has not received the study that it deserves. the terrorist brothers had roots in chechnya even though they grew up in america and saw u.s. citizenship. of the northern caucuses. were fought in chechnya in the 1990's as the province saw independence from russia. many che
. a lot of folks in america are hearing the word chechnya for the first time and don't understand the dynamics between chechnya, russia and the united states. can you give us a little primer about the sort of tumult in the region? >> it's a good question. we're learning a lot today, a lot of americans haven't focused on what has been chilling situation for many russians for a lot of years in the mid 1990s, chechnya tried to break away from russia as emerging from the soviet union. russian forces went in to try to keep them. two wars ensued, lots of death and terrorism resulted. when i was in moscow, chechen terrorists took over a theater filled with hundreds and hundreds of theatergoers. 130 died. i was in beslan, a small school in southern russia that got taken over by chechen terrorists, hundreds of children and their teachers died. so for a lot of russians, what we're seeing in the reports from boston, brings back a lot of chilling memories to them. we don't know the connections between these brothers and that conflict. but there is some stuff on the russian website to indicate
i.d.'d. they're the brothers tsarnaev from chechnya, this is an international terrorist attack. i'm going to briefly digress to the market and stocks and gold are going up this morning, but i'm not drawing any connection today between terror and money. they are separate developments. watch the that live here. and i'm going to deal briefly with the markets, up arrows for stocks and there's going to be a gain on the dow and i'm expecting roughly 45 points. there's an up arrow for the price of gold and we're expecting a gain there of $4. but look it's not wall street, it is not money that's grabbing attention today. oh, no, it's boston and it is terror. on the left-hand side-- let me tell you where we are right now. as police surround that house in watertown, much of boston is on lockdown, public transportation there shut down. 400,000 people are told to stay in your house, homes, schools, universities are closed, it's a massive manhunt for that surviving terrorist. 26-year-old tamerlan tsarnaev is dead and his 19-year-old brother dzhokhar tsarnaev is on the run. they're from chetchn
scale in chechnya? we saw these brothers be effective in the bombing and incredibly amateurish after the bombing. it would be interesting to see if they got any training beyond what they saw on the internet for the bombing. we will not know that in these hearings, but perhaps we will know if there is a mini-out al qaeda for extremist islam in the region. i think i will save the rest of my questions for question time. >> thank you very much. we will now proceed to our questions and dialogue. let me begin by saying that years ago, i think in 2004, the terrorists took over a school in russia. is that city part of chechnya? or part of russia? it is a russian school. the terrorists murdered in the end -- 180 children lost their lives. i remember calling the white house personally and i talked directly with condoleezza rice and i told her, now is the time that we can establish a close and positive relationship with russia. recruit them to work with us in areas of mutual interest that we could not do before. now is the time to stand with these folks. send president bush over there to stand
subcommittee is examine the status of chechnya and whether they are a threat to u.s. security. the two bombing suspects have roots in that country and visited their prior to the april 15 attack. this is about 90 minutes. >> i call to order this joint hearing of the foreign affairs solid -- subcommittee. [no audio] -- to the u.s. homeland. after chairman and i have twoand a you a after chairman and i have two subcommittees, each will us will have five minutes to make opening statements. without objection, all members may have five days to submit statements and extraneous material for the record. hearing no objections, so order. the objections -- the terrorist attack and bomb and have called it into a that has not received the study that it deserves. the terrorist brothers have roots in chechnya, even though they grew up in america. chechnya, which includes dagestan, where the father of the two brothers lived. two major wars have been fought in chechnya in the 1990s. as the province sought in dependence from russia, many chechens fled. it is now a hotbed of radical islamic activity. there are r
. >> what we rarely hear about the terrorists whose native country is chechnya. what do their origins tell us about their intentions and do they tell us anything at all? we'll talk with the head of cia's bin laden unit, the former head of that. he weighs in. that's coming up next. [ lisa ] my name's lisa, and chantix helped me quit. i honestly loved smoking, and i honestly didn't think i would ever quit. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. it reduces the urge to smoke. it put me at ease that you could smoke on the first week. [ male announcer ] some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depresd mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chanti if you notice any of these stop taking chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of depression or otr mental health proems, which could get worse while taking chantix. don't take chantix if you've had a serious allergic or skin reaction to it. if you develop these stop taking chantix and see you
-radicalized terrorists. >>> next, we'll take you halfway around the world to chechnya to delve into the chechen connection. how does someone get radicalized? i'll ask the director of a terrific and timely new movie "the reluctant fundamentalist." and we'll talk to google's executive chairman eric schmidt about technology and terrorism, as well as other things. >>> finally, why the world can't get enough of ben franklin. i'll explain. but, first, here's my take. as we learn more about the brothers tsarnaev, we want to ask larger questions about radical islam, muslim communities, and the breakdown of assimilation. what do they tell us about all this? the most accurate answer might turn out to be, not much. larger phenomenon might be at work. but these two young men may not reflect an intensification of these trends. it seems they are two alienated young men who turned toward hate and allegedly to murder. that was the point the brother's uncle made when he pointedly called his nephews losers. >> these losers. >> he was arguing against the notion that thank you the boys represented a larger communi
in russia quite close to chechnya. we are still translating those tapes that we got from the father, an interview that he did with reuters. it's in russian, we're translating it. a number of the family members have been speaking out with very diverse opinions on this whole situation. so we're working on those, we'll bring them to you when we have them. maria and andrew, back to you. >> thank, sue. joining us again, phillip mudd, former deputy director of the cia's counterterrorism center. also with us, is mike baa kard, the former director of field operations at the bureau of alcohol, tobacco, firearms, and explosives and now a principle at security dynamics. michael, i'll go to you. a question we've been asking all afternoon. how could this younger brother get away and should we get nervous? should we be worried, as the days progress, that there has not been more progress? >> well, it's very easy to hide in a city like boston, obviously, especially when you're on foot, you can steal a car, you can hide in different places. hopefully no one is assisting him, as he's trying to allude
. but in chechnya you've had two phases. a separatist movement since the end of the soviet union that over time has morphed into an islamist movement. in the past 15 years, elements of al qaeda have fought there. bin laden when he was still alive pledged public support to the islamists fighting there. and we saw even pre-9/11, an amalgamation of chechen fighters into al qaeda camps, et cetera. it doesn't mean there were broad alliances or strong cooperation between both forces. it just means there was this interaction. so there -- if, in fact, there are direct links back to the chechen islamist movement, this will be the first time you've seen an attack on behalf of the checen islamist movement outside of russia. but we're a long ways from being there yet. >> and yet we do know that tamerlan, who was 26 and was killed, he had last year traveled back to russia for a considerable period of time. what do we think he was doing there? >> well, we -- the short answer is we don't know. and that's the job of the cia and the national security community working with russian liaison, with fsb, their version o
ended up, where he planted cisry of fore or bombs, that's these two youn ori the family from chechnya, the younger one born in kyrgyzstan. >> we're getting some new information in from connecticut state police saying that the vehicle that josh just described is occupied possibly by someone who is a suspect. so, we are getting very, very breaking details right now. i want to bring in brad garrett to talk about what may be happening right now in connecticut. brad, you just heard that new information about police are saying. vehicle they're searching may be occupied. >> and it shouldn't surprise anyone that he would predictably car jack someone and keep moving. he did get outside the police perimeter. what you're going to see as the day unfolds, though, as marthaened others pointed out, he may be able to pull this bombing off but he's not really a savvy criminal, if you will, and his world is going to continue to narrower and narrower and if the police are lucky to stop that vehicle in some way and i guarantee you, they're going to stop it where they don't have to approach it. but, if he
. ( laughter ) then again, they are from chechnya, a federal republic of the russian federation located in the caucasus mountains, which makes these terrorists caucasians. ( laughter ). so be on the lookout for caucasian males with dark hair and anger issues, and i believe we have a computer composite. ( laughter ) yes. ( applause ) that is the face of evil! ( laughter ) now, so many people out there confuse chechnya with the czech republic, but the czech ambassador to the u.s. released a statement saying the czech republic and chechnya are two very different entities. hmmm. me thinks he doth protest too much. ( laughter ) because it doth sound too much like that other thing i doth thought it was. ( laughter ) nice try, your ambassadorship. i'm watching you, czech republic. you, too, chex mix. ( laughter ). ( applause ) now, even though-- even though these brothers are ethnically chechen before coming to the u.s. they also spent time in krygyzstan and cas contact stan, places synonymous with unrest and high word scores in scrabble. ( laughter ). so if we put the pieces of the puzzle tog
the chechnya issue with the russians, is this just coincidence? >> chechnya was never our fight and the united states government for years has made sure that was not the case. so, what motivated these individuals? something that happened domestically? their family, evidently, has been in the united states for a period of time. something involved domestically that triggered this? relatives overseas and something happened there that motivated them? was there another connection? we don't know yet. it will take some time. the good news, chuck, we'll get the answer to that. >> let me bring in james, former age ant ov at atf. walk me through what role atf is playing right now and what you think we're not seeing on tv. we're seeing a lot on tv right now, but what we're not seeing. >> atf has a special response team there. i saw them on the live feed. the s.w.a.t team and also saw the fbi s.w.a.t and the massachusetts police s.w.a.t and the local police s.w.a.t. it's an interchangeable term and the way those teams are equipped. they have the bear cat vehicle you see. the tactical agents or police offi
visited over in chechnya. >> bret: mr. chairman thank you very much for coming back. in we look forward to getting updates again. >> we have a profile of the brothers where they came from and what their lives were like when we return. ♪ hey everybody, hi mom... streaming live with a tour of my new place... knowing you can still reach out. ... and now you've seen it. that's powerful. verizon. get mom a lucid 2 by lg for free. to your table for a limited time! it's our seafood dinner for two for just 25 dollars! a handcrafted seafood feast made to share. first you each get salad and unlimited cheddar bay biscuits. then choose two from a wide variety of chef-inspired trées like our new honey garlic crispy shrimp or new seafood lover's lingui. round out your seafood dinner with your choice of either an appetizer or dessert to share! don't miss our seafood dinner for two, just $25 at red lobster, where we sea food different. @ don't miss our seafood dinner for two, just $25 [ female announcer ] some people like to pretend a flood could never happen to them. and that their homeowners
agencies have confirmed that the two suspects are brothers. from the russian region of chechnya. stay right here with ktvu news for more. >>> back here at home an hour from right now runners in san francisco will start a race that will honor the victims of the marathon bombing. tara moriarty is at the ferry building in san francisco. that is where the race will start and finish. tara. >> reporter: more than 500 people have signed up to run this race and they will be decked out in yellow and blue the colors for boston to show their support for the victims. they will gather here along the embarcadero. this race should kick off around 7:00. they will do a big loop and end upright back here. the group has a facebook page and the twitter #runforboston. it has turned into a virtual meeting spot for a steady somber screen of users. one said i was lucky enough to finish the boston marathon and i would love to run to support the cause and run free. this comes one week after explosions near the finish line of one of the world's most prestigious races. killed at least three people and injured more tha
-torn chechnya and dzhokhar came firs,t and then later his brothers and sisters joined the family. before coming to the united states, tamerlan's father coached him in boxing so he was already on his way to becoming an experienced fighter. by 2009 tamerlan was boxing in the golden gloves tournament in salt lake city, utah. fellow boxer julian pollard roomed with tamerlan and remembered his swagger and sense of style. >> he stood out. and that was kind of the perception i got, flashy, confident, maybe cocky. i guess he backed it up in the ring. he could fight. he could punch. he could put a guy out. when the time was right if he had a big punch in him and the opening was there, he could finish the guy. >> that ferocity apparently carried over outside the boxing ring. he was arrested that same year for slapping his girlfriend in the face during a fight over another woman. the following year, 2010, he married katherine russell, a suffolk university student he met in a nightclub and had dated on and off at several years. she converted to islam. pollard saw him again that year at another boxing tourn
learned that the two suspects are brothers from overseas, possibly near chechnya or turkey but right new in watertown and some neighborhoods in boston including cambridge, no vehicles are allowed in or out and people are told not to leave their home, do not open up businesses, do not go to work, do not go to school, complete lockdown while they search for the suspect two who remains at large. the boston police call him a terrorist. >> the man arrested for sending ricin-laced letters has been charged with two firm -- federal counts of letters that were sent to president obama and a senator and a judge. >> pg&e is beaching up security after someone shot up a transformer in san jose. police are on the scene as repairs continue at a substation. someone fired several shots from a high powered rifle into the plant early on tuesday. that led to a wide-spread power outage. at&t phone cables were also vandalized and the phone company is offering a major reward for the vandals at $250,000. >> mass teacher accused of having sex with a 14-year-old boy is facing nine years in prison. the 42-year-old
different places. i mean, these people coming from chechnya, these chechen rebels that pulled off that massacre in the town of beslan, remember back in 2005, scott, they killed more than 300 school children to try to advance their cause and people who try to advance a cause and are willing to kill innocent people in order to get attention, those are very dangerous people but, again, we don't know if these young men were active militants, who were people who felt strongly about chechnya. their problem has always been with russia they wanted to be separated. they want a different government we didn't know that they had some sort of aa grievance against the united states, if indeed they do. we just don't know what is motivating this dwlung man and his brother. >> pelley: bob, thank you, as we look at this map we are seeing chechnya. our understanding is that these young men did not grow up in chechnya but are ethnic chechens. that they grew up next door just to the east in dagestan. chechnya has been involved, as was eling to, in a rui you civil war through the '90s and the 2000s the
is some kind of an immigrant from apparently chechnya has international implications. jennifer griffin is our national security correspondent joining us live from washington. what is the latest there, jennifer? >> reporter: jon, right now it looks like all of the effort right now is to try and find suspect number two this 19-year-old who is on the run. there have been a few dead-end including a gray civic with massachusetts plates, or a crv, a gray crv they were looking for for some time, they found it. it's empty. its not clear if he is on foot right now. but they continue to sort of shift the perimeter quite a bit. it's very interesting to see some of the reaction from these two brothers' families. the "associated press" reached the father of the two terrorists, he's living overseas next to chechnya, a part of russia, part of dagastan. he says as always in these situations it seems that this is son was skwruf such a nice boy, he was a second year med student studying at the university of whats mass at their northwestern campus, in his second year of med school we are told. he was sup
brother tamerlan was killed, that they had links to chechnya. they were born in chechnya. you miiht rorl that is the break away russian republic that couldn't break away. russia would not allow it. under three different prime ministers would never entertain it. the reason why that is crucial, chechen rebels, if there is a link to the outfit we know there is the chechen separatist it is, and there is no way to prove that, if there is they take no mercy. nine times out of 10 when there was a violent act two years ago in movie theater, two years prior to that in a school and i think about a year before that in a hospital, each time the rebels are surrounded they kill themselves, often times, i believe in the case of the school attack claimed better than 40 kids lives. they blow themselves up. in that case with a number of kids. that's why given that history and give the precedent that rebels would rather kill themselves than ever, ever, surrender to police, authorities are on the scene are handling with the greatest of care. so you can understand why we sort of just wait and watch. they des
we don't begin to have answers to. chechnya has been in a brutal struggle with russia. particularly for 25 years they've committed acts of for rendus terrorism in russia. the school hostage taking over a thousand hostages00 killed. the 2002 seizure of the theater in moscow over 100 hostages killed. they have blown up subway stops in moscow, blown up apartment buildings this conflict has been motivated by two factors one a desire for churchin independence but two increasing radical saigs of the islamic population of chechnya. this attack on the boston marathon has nothing to do with separation from raush rausha -- russia but could reflect the connection churchins have made with the international terrorist network. whether they take this one survivor put him in our criminal justice system or treat him as an enemy combatant which is the route i would go down. >> greta: what is -- there has been discussion with -- about the fact the foreign government made an inquiry about the older brother my guess is that it was russia. would that be your guess? to find out whether or not he was a rad
he went over to russia to chechnya. but it didn't ping when he came back. a lot of questions from congress for the intelligence agencies. you know, piers, taxpayers pay hundreds of billions of dollars for a very expensive and thorough national security apparatus in this country. but i think we're seeing that still has a lot of kinks that need to be worked out. piers. >> right, and we've got some clips, i think, of john kerry, joe biden and jay carney. talk me through them. because a lot of conflicting messages being sent by some of the top people in the american government. >> reporter: yeah. they sure are. what you're going to hear from -- you're going to hear secretary of state john kerry talking about his views on the tamerlan tsarnaev, and whether or not he was trained overseas or domestically. then you're going to hear vice president biden and how he characterizes the tsarnaev brothers. take a listen. >> a young person who went to russia and chechnya who blew people up in boston. so he didn't stay where he went but learned something where he went and came back with a willingn
republic, next to his family's ancestral homoland chechnya, today also a part of russia. >> translator: he could radiate light and warmth. >> his extended family in dagestan welcomed him warmly. >> he smiled a lot, and i asked him is this your customary american smile? he was more of an american. >> much of what tamerlan tsarnaev did here remains a mystery. we know he stayed for some weeks here at his parent's home, keeping mostly to family and friends, helping his father out in his businesses around town and often sleeping in. the tsarnaev family is part of the chechen community here. like many other chechens displaced from their homeland. after the second world war, tens of thousands of chechens perished in a mass deportation order by josef stalin. in the 1990s, chechens fought and won a bloody war for independence from russia. it was during this violence that the younger tsarnaev brother dzhokhar was born and given the name of a chechen leader. >> it's a sure side of chechen patriotism in the family that in 1939 they called their little son dzhokhar after doakary dudayev who was the pro
international attack. confirming two brothers originally said to be from chechnya are accused of the bombings of the boston marathon that took place on monday. you're looking at them there. one of the brothers is dead. his brother, he is on the run subject to a massive manhunt as we speak. mit police officer was killed. the shooting what began what turned into a very violent night. much of boston is locked down as they search for an alleged terrorist. the 19 year-old dzhokhar tzarnaev. what they are describing as a control the evacuation. dagen: you talk about developments. you can see it. taxi service has been restored. this is according to the boston police department. there is some movement returning to the city that has been at a virtual standstill all morning which releases last night. and we will bring you updates as we get them. again. all over this story. right now we want to bring in peter brook's two works for the cia as a former deputy assistant secretary of defense. how critical is it that the 90 year-old brother of tamerlan tsarnaev be caught alive? >> well, is im
talk to us a little bit about chechnya and a history of terrorist connections there. correct me if i'm wrong but if there was related to chechen separatists, this would be the first incident of chechen terrorism outside russia, so it would be unprecedented from that standpoint, but are there any growing ties between chechnya and the largest sort of jihadive movement? >> the answer is yes. there really was a separative movement for many years. in the aftermath of the soviet union, there was a long period in the '90s where there was tremendous bloody conflict between chechen separatists and the russian military. and their security services. over a period of time, though, you have seen, i saw this when i was still at the white house, a mixing of chechen fighters with what i'll call the traditional jihadist movement. you saw bin laden and members of al qaeda voice support for what was going on in chechnya because it is a muslim region, and over type, we've seen a greater integration of fighters. some of whom went to chechnya to fight on behalf of the separative movement and on behalf of
of similar training? >> from overseas, some reports they could have been from chechnya. what would that tell you if true? >> obviously chechnya has a huge islamic extremist population and have training camps so it is ve t they were trained in that location prior to coming to the united states. >> brad garrett, thanks very much. >> let's bring in abc's martha raddatz on the developing information about the suspects' international connections and what we're learning. martha, we believe these two men reported to be brothers are, in fact, from overseas as george mentioned probably from chechnya. tell us what we know at this point. what we've been able to confirm. >> well, i've been told they're either from chechnya or turkey is the way they're leaning at this point. yesterday it was made very clear to me that they were still intensely checking international connections. they said they had the whole of government trying to find out whether the suspects had other people who were helping them. now, in many ways as brad garrett pointed out it was a sophisticated attack. it was preplanned. on the oth
the suspect still at large. he is 19 years old, the brother of suspect number one. he is from russia, chechnya. he has been in the u.s. for about 10 years. this photo was taken born a robbery at a 7-eleven in cambridge last night. >> many residents in the area witness the car chase and the explosion with the suspects. here's one resident described in what he saw and what he heard. >> the shootout with police in the up with the death of older brother and a lot of residents heard this trace and heard the explosion and the gunfire when this went down. >> i thought i heard firecrackers. i heard gunshots and then i saw the explosion. i actually saw a black suv go down the street. it looked like it had hit a police car and they were just shooting at a. i must occur about 60 gunshots. >> what was the explosion like? >> it shook my house. >> supporters are urging residents and watertown, new town, waltham, bill mott, a cambridge and boston austin bryson neighborhood of boston to stay indoors. all mass transit has been shut down. >> they're want to make sure there are no innocent bystanders on the stre
chechnya. they don't usually launch attacks toward the united states. they said weir not discounting everything. we are looking at everything and i also talked again about the problem with the ramifications, if the u.s. government pinses this on another country on another group, al qaeda, even, what do we do?what do we do if connection? that's why they are going so slowly, so methodically. they have to specifically find that those two young men or one of them got guidance, got funding, got anything that will connect them to that crime to another country and they are not ready to do that yet. they do not have a smoking gun. >> pierre thomas, it doesn't appear there was much chatter coming in before the attacks, but how about overall? what has the intelligence been like, pierre, tom cass as, in the last several months of international attacks in general? >> well, we know, again, that there was no specific credible threat before the boston marathon. we did an exclusive interview with the attorney general earlier this year and he talked about the fact that while al qaeda's central had be
agencies confirmed the two are brothers. they're from the russian region near chechnya. we're going to have a live update from watertown massachusetts. that's coming up in about 15 minutes. >>> now it is one of the most memorable images from the boston marathon bombing. one of the victims rushed out of the bomb site in a wheelchair and bloomberg news reports that that victim jeff balman lost his legs in the attack. however his memory played a key role. he woke up in the hospital, and immediately wrote down the words bag. saw the guy. looks right at me. he then gave the description of one of the suspects to the fbi. >> time now is 7:15. we're waiting to hear from the white house on the latest developments out of boston. ktvu's kyla campbell is in our washington d. c. newsroom. you just talked to the department of homeland security. >> janet napolitano was supposed to be speaking at a hearing right now but that has been postponed priorities are changing in washington. president obama was briefed overnight by his counter terrorism and homeland security advisories. earlier this week, he had sai
chechnya originally. eas brother tamerlan is . his uncles are calling for him to turn hims in. >> if you are alive, turn yourself in and ask for forgiveness from the victims, from the injured, and forgiveness from these people. >> the net) the two man hours after the fbi -- the net closed around two man hours after the fbi released photos. 10:30, the brothers tried to rob a 7-eleven store near the massachusetts institute of technology. then news a police officer was attacked. sean collier,26 years old, was shot as he s in his car. he died soon after. the brothers hijacked a car, and the chase that followed ended in watertown, 10 miles from boston. on the usually quiet suburban street, there was a fierce firefight, captured on mobile phones. the police were taking no chances. the innocent owner of the hijacked car was for a time treated as a suspect. tamerlan tsarnaev was fatally wounded. he died in hospital. >> the closed in around one guy. they got in position. >> w >> they were screaming at him. they all had their guns out. he was at the point where he was like this. finally, by the ti
back and forth to, you know, chechnya. many are going to try to look at those links and what have you, but invariably, you're right, in a lot of the media coverage there has been a notion that america is to blame for this, yet we are -- your city is proof of that, a mecca for talent around the world, better than 100 nationalities represented in some of the finest schools in the planets. schools that i could never get into, by the way. but i only point out, mayor, that we do that a lot here. your advice to those in the media do is what? >> i'll tell you, you mentioned the -- the citizenship ceremony. i spoke, i was the main speaker when that terrorist was sworn in. never did i imagine or anybody imagine that there would be somebody out there who would raise their right hand, swear to the constitution, an oath to the constitution of the united states, was also plotting to overthrow and to destroy the united states of america. we have to get tough on those kind of policies. >> how do we do that, mayor? how do you know the crowd you're swearing in is all on the up and up, or do we have to
groups want to free chechnya. they have for years going back to the soviet days. they are not behind this. if it it would have been accompany would with statements and trying to make the point. on the other hand, you have a group of people in chechnya who are radicalized and jihadist. >> is that the dad? promising revenge. >> or the ones who go off to afghanistan and many did against the soviets and against us. i think that is where they fit as more generalized jihadist. chechnya is like almost an excuse. they are fighting against the evil infidel, the united states. we have to learn more about them. here is the common thread of john mccain. holding up miranda warningings, the administration has done something i am relieved b. they seem to recognize you have to question these people . if they are willing to forgo. confessions. they can question him forever. two weeks and only thing that happens, they can't use that material in a criminal trial. they have plenty of other thing to convict him with. they can use for all intelligence. >> there are two ways to that result. convict him without
, reflections from overseas. >> the czech republic is a european country. it's a different thing than chechnya. >> jon: that is the czech republic ambassador feeling the justified need to explain to an american audience that two similar-sounding foreign nations are not necessarily the same nation. i interrupted you. please go on. >> obviously we've been seeing things on the social media that people are saying that the czech republic and chechnya. the schem republic is a country of central europe and your nato ally. >> jon: who said the czech republic wasn't an ally. do you really think we would overreact to a terror attack on our soil by invading a country that had absolutely nothing to do with... (laughing). ( cheers and applause ). all right. wait a minute. are you calling us stupid? that's disrespectful to get a country bombed. no, no disrespect. the important thing is here in america, this tragedy absolutely demonstrates the intense urgency of whatever issue was already your preconceived priority. >> we're addressing a broken immigration system. what happened in boston and international te
and expert on chechnya. we know there's been animosity between chechnya and russia. animosity might put it mildly. is this political strife between the two countries, does it have any kind of influence on the u.s. and could it be a factor in the boston attack? >> let's do a little bit of historical background for your viewers this morning. chechnya and russia have been in an on again/off again conflict for the last 250 years. russians feel this is part of russia and should be part of their country going forward and chechens feel they should be independent and that drive for independence has taken various forms. initially it was a separatist movement in the early 1990s and now it's like jihadist groups we see operating in other parts of the world. it's not clear if there was any kind of organizational or operational connection between the tsarnaev brothers in boston and the major militant group operating in chechnya and the surrounding region. we do know these young men were looking for an identity. they wanted know more about who they were and where they were from and a lot of the mater
factorings. one the older brother's travel to russia when he went to chechnya and dagis stan and probably more important what hed on the youtube site between august of 2012 and when the attack happened. this included many videos and linkings to this extremist group in russia. this a terrorist group by the u.s. state department and the al qaeda and taliban sanctions committee two years ago. it is a well known islamic group, governor. >> what are we learning about the f.b.i.'s initial contact with the older better. >> the f.b.i. in 2011 had a request from the russian government and the f.b.i. revealed some of the details of that request. it reads in part, that the russian government had information that the older brother a follower of radical islam and strong believer and changed drastically from 20 thereto 10 and believed he was joining an unpres -- unspecified group. the f.b.i. did a review of tamerlan's background and talked to him and family members and didn't come up with terrorist act timpt. but let me explain why this saimportant now. the same year the russian government said what do
investigation, that suggests that dzhokhar is lying, that there was a link to militants in chechnya, where we know his brother, tamerlan, possibly made a couple of visits there, if that emerges, now that he has had his miranda rights, does the government have powers to go back in and start to interrogate him? >> yes. they have the power to do it. whether it would be a proper under the law, is an open question. they couldn't use any of the material that they illicited from him, but maybe they don't need it. they may also reindict him. >> well, they wouldn't use the inform in the criminal case against him but could use it to get to a wider group. >> oh no question. can you use it against anybody else. you only can't use it against this defendant. and they may be able to obtain such information. and if so, they might reindict him under the terrorist statute. it is a little odd that everybody regards this guy as a terrorist except the united states government. which has indicted him under ordinary murder statute that carries the death penalty. but often we see a second indictment following the fi
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